Animals in need

Swiss Animal Protection SAP is watching the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine with horror and concern. Our work as an animal protection organisation is mainly based within Switzerland, but we can’t remain untouched by the suffering caused to people and animals. Sadly, any war leaves a trail of immense devastation, misery and despair.

Women, children and older people who are having to flee their homeland in a hurry are finding refuge in a range of other countries, including Switzerland. Some of these people bring their beloved pets with them – and our member organisations are offering them straightforward assistance. Those people and animals who stay in Ukraine are also going to need our help in future. The following is a summary of useful information and offers of assistance, together with an explanation of how we are engaging in this effort. We can help with this together!

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Ukraine – Animals in need!
Informationen für Geflüchtete mit ihren Heimtieren

Information for refugees and their pet animals

Simplified entry requirements

In the face of the current humanitarian crisis, the requirements are less strict than usual for any dogs or cats travelling with refugees from Ukraine to be allowed into Switzerland (this concession is on a temporary basis).

It is still important for all animals to be registered when they arrive, and for their rabies vaccination status to be recorded. Any dogs or cats that have not yet been vaccinated will be vaccinated; they will also be vaccinated if their vaccination status is uncertain. Anyone entering Switzerland with an animal from Ukraine must complete the registration form below and send it to the following address: The owners of the animals will then be told whether any other action needs to be taken.

Since it may not currently be possible for the Ukrainian authorities to issue the necessary documents, the requirements for entry into Switzerland with animals of an endangered species have been simplified, on a temporary basis. These animals must be registered in order to ensure that they can be taken out of Switzerland at some later date. Anyone entering Switzerland from Ukraine with a CITES-listed animal, or with some other domestic animal that would normally be regarded as a wild animal (e.g. parrots or reptiles), must complete the registration form below and send it to the following address:

Offers of help

Accommodation for pets

Swiss Animal Protection SAP and its affiliated animal sanctuaries offer refugees a variety of free-of-charge options to accommodate dogs, cats, rodents and rabbits, birds and reptiles. Animals housed in animal sanctuaries receive professional care and are kept under the best possible conditions. You can usually also visit the animals kept there. There are animal sanctuaries spread out all over Switzerland. You can enquire about available places at:

Accommodation for people with their pets

Would you like to offer support to people who are fleeing with their domestic animals? Can you offer suitable accommodation, where the people and their animals can stay together? If so, please register with the contact platforms listed below.

Initial veterinary treatments on a free-of-charge/subsidised basis

For animals from Ukraine. A variety of veterinary practices and clinics offer initial treatment to domestic animals from Ukraine, either free of charge or on a subsidised basis. Details of the applicable terms must be discussed directly with the practices and clinics concerned.

Informationen für Geflüchtete mit ihren Heimtieren

Donations of useful materials

We also gladly accept materials that are useful for animals (such as feeding bowls, leashes and other accessories) as long as they are in good condition.

Please send such materials to:
Please mark the package “Ukraine”
Dornacherstrasse 101
4053 Basel

If you have any questions, please get in touch with, Contact: Ms Lea Sahlmann

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SAP has been working in Ukraine and Rumania for many years already. Refugees and their pet animals now urgently need help, medical care, food and accommodation. Our priority right now is to provide them with immediate support, but Ukraine will continue to need our assistance for some time to come.

Let’s help them together! THANK YOU!