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Swiss Animal Protection SAP

Who we are

The Swiss Animal Protection SAP is the largest and leading national organization for animal protection and animal welfare in Switzerland. Active since 1861, the SAP is an umbrella organization comprising 71 animal welfare organizations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With their animal shelters, animal care and rescue centers, the SAP sections ensure basic animal welfare work in all cantons and language regions of Switzerland.

As a recognized authority, the SAP is committed to the protection and welfare of pets, wild animals, farm animals and laboratory animals at a professional, political and legislative level – persistently, credibly and reliably. The SAP raises people’s awareness of animal welfare issues, has strong expertise, is widely networked, works effectively and cooperatively.

The SAP finances its activities exclusively with donations, legacies, bequests and contributions from foundations. It employs 80 members of staff. They provide information and advice to animal owners, monitor the keeping of pets and farm animals and campaign for stricter animal welfare regulations.

Mission & Organization

The Swiss Animal Protection SAP is an umbrella organization and is organized as an association. The supreme body is the Assembly of Delegates of the sections, which takes place every two years. Among other things, it elects the president and the members of the Board of Directors.

The operational management of the SAP is the responsibility of the Executive Board. Animal welfare work is carried out by 80 employees in the specialist and advice centers. They provide information and advice to animal keepers, inspect livestock farms, animal transports and slaughterhouses, work with school classes on the subject of animals and animal welfare and persistently campaign for stricter animal welfare regulations.

With targeted actions and campaigns, the SAP draws attention to abuses and fights for animal welfare with concrete projects and basic scientific work. It represents the interests of animals at federal level through active lobbying.

The SAP has neither official powers nor a state mandate and does not receive any subsidies. Nevertheless, it relieves the state to a considerable extent in the implementation of legally prescribed animal protection. The SAP is therefore dependent on financial support in the form of donations and grants.

The head office is located in Basel.

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SAP guiding principle

The SAP sees animal welfare as an ethical concern and as a contribution to making society more humane. Animals are part of our world and should be recognized and experienced as such in their dignity.

All efforts of the Swiss Animal Protection SAP aim to promote the responsible treatment of animals. Cruelty to animals due to ignorance, thoughtlessness, lack of conscience or greed for profit should be prevented.

What we do

The SAP provides information about animal protection and welfare through information campaigns on projects and campaigns, publications, media work, its own specialist conferences and events. Its experts answer technical questions from the public. With its websites and social media channels, it has an online presence and reaches people directly in their everyday lives. The SAP provides regular and transparent accounts of its activities to its sections, donors and the public.

Raising awareness
The SAP makes an important contribution to understanding the behavior and behavioral needs of animals with its own employees, in collaborations and by supporting research projects. In particular in ethology (comparative behavioral research) and veterinary medicine, as well as in the development of alternative methods for handling and keeping animals.

The SAP supports the activities of its sections in basic animal welfare work, in particular active help for stray pets and the protection of wild animals living in the wild. With projects such as Krax (for children and young people) and the Specialist unit for animals and older people, it actively promotes animal welfare and animal-friendly coexistence with animals.

The SAP seeks national and international cooperation with authorities, related and other organizations. Always with the aim of mobilizing more people for animal welfare and active, non-violent animal protection. Among other things, the SAP is the Swiss representative of the Fur Free Retailer campaign.

At a social and political level, the SAP represents the interests of animals and gives them a voice. It promotes meaningful efforts to strengthen animal welfare, animal welfare legislation and animal welfare enforcement and to combat cruelty to animals. It carries out inspections of the keeping, transportation and slaughter of farm animals on behalf of the STS. The SAP Animal Welfare Inspection Unit investigates and follows up reports of cruelty to animals or inappropriate animal husbandry.

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The Executive Board manages the operational work of the Swiss Animal Protection SAP.

The Executive Board consists of

Marco Mettler, CEO
Dr. Samuel Furrer, PhD, Animal Welfare Department, Member of the Executive Board
Lorena Pedalino, Finances & central services, Member of the Executive Board
Katja Polzin, Fundraising & Marketing, Member of the Executive Board

Board of Directors

The honorary Board of Directors with its 11 members is divided into departments. It meets several times a year, defines the guidelines as a strategic body and approves the budgets for the SAP’s animal welfare work.

The Presiding Board consists of

Piero Mazzoleni, President
Lolita Morena, Vice President
Hanspeter Berger, Vice President

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Swiss Animal Protection SAP

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